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You wanna read about our history? I can't imagine why, but, welcome to the History page.


Nemmy Games was a high school Computer Science class.

The Early Years (2005 - 2006)

Our first game was Petals Around the Rose (March, 2005). This is another one based on a nerdy favorite. This is a graphical version in which the goal is to simply figure out the rule given three hints. This one is complete with a fun Easter Egg to help the player out. An updated and enhanced version of Petals Around the Rose was released July 2007.

Our next game, was The Knight Game (May, 2005). This is a graphical version of an old, nerdy favorite. The goal is to send a knight around all 64 squares of a Chess board and hit each square no more than one time. Because it's a Chess knight, the player needs to use the L-shaped path that a knight can take in the game. With some work, this game came to feature mouse and keyboard use. An updated and enhanced version of this game is currently in the works.

Our latest game, and one that took far too long (because Seth is lazy?), is Tetris (September, 2006). It is simple, fun, and nearly identical to the original imaginings of the game. Everyone knows how to play Tetris, and everyone knows what it is, so I won't bother. An updated and enhanced version of this game is currently in the works.

Present (2007 - ?)

In late 2006 and early 2007 Nemmy Games was benefited by several new dedicated staff members and some amazing new webhosting.

We decided to create enhanced remakes of some of our previous games, as well as redeisgn the website completely from scratch.

One of our previous games, Tetris, is no longer available in light of copyright concerns (which is code for "We don't want to get sued").

We look forward to creating many more games for you in the future!

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